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This folder lists select recent publications by members of the Studio.

Hegelheimer, V, and Tower, D (2004).
Using CALL in the Classroom: Analyzing Student Interactions in an Authentic Classroom
System 32(2):185-205.

Honeycutt, L (2004).
Literacy and the Writing Voice: The Intersection of Culture and Technology in Dictation
Journal of Business and Technical Communication 18:294-327.

Honeycutt, L, and McGrane, K (2004).
Pedagogical Frameworks for Web Site Design: Rhetoric and Information Architecture
In: Technical Communications and the World Wide Web. Edited by Michael Day and Carol Lipson. Lawrence Erlbaum Mahway, NJ.

Ellertson, A (2003).
Some Notes on Simulacra Machines, Flash in First-Year Composition, and Tactics in Spaces of Interruption
Kairos 8(2):24 pp.

Haselkorn, MP, Sauer, G, Turns, J, Illman, DL, Tsutsui, M, Plumb, C, Williams, T, Kolko, BE, and Spyridakis, J (2003).
Expanding the Scope of Technical Communication
Technical Communication 50(2):174-191.

Honeycutt, L (2003).
Researching the Use of Voice Recognition Writing Software
Computers and Composition 20:77-95.

Russell, DR, and Fisher, D (2003).
Improving Communication Skills through Discipline Specific Simulation Modules

Sauer, G (2002).
The Need for Architect/Construction Worker Dichotomies in Information Architecture as a Profession
Proceedings of the CPTSC 15(1):201-204.

Sauer, G (2002).
In: オンライン・コミュニティ: eコマース、教育オンライン、 非営利オンライン 活動の最先端レポート. Edited by Werry, Chris and Mowbray, Miranda. Midori Shimoda, Kiichi Obata, Ko Ito and Yumiko Koiwa, translators. Hewlett Packard Tokyo.

Sauer, G, Rose, E, Kolko, BE, and Haselkorn, MP (2002).
Analysis of Web-Based WSDOT Traveler Information: Testing Users' Information Retrieval Strategies

Honeycutt, L (2001).
Comparing Email and Synchronous Conferencing in Online Peer Response
Written Communication 18:26-60.

Hegelheimer, V, and Chapelle, C (2000).
Methodological Issues in Research on Learner-Computer Interactions in CALL
Language Learning and Technology 4(1):41-59.

Sauer, G (2000).
Community, Courseware and Intellectual Property Law
In: Community, Courseware and Intellectual Property Law. Edited by Werry, Chris and Miranda Mowbray. Hewlett Packard New York.

Sauer, G (2000).
Using Web-Based Portfolios to Assist Technical Communication Program Development
In: Proceedings of the CPTSC. Edited by Bruce Maylath. CPTSC.

Sauer, G (1999).
Publishing Futures Within (or Without) the Humanities
In: Society for Critical Exchange. Edited by Martha Woodmansee. Case Western Reserve Cleveland.

No authors specified (1998).
Constructing Communication-Friendly Computing Environments for Our Programs
In: Proceedings of the CPTSC. Edited by Deborah S. Bosley. CPTSC.

Sigel, L, and Sauer, G (1995).
Critique of Rimm Article on Online Pornography
The Cyberporn Debate 4(July):3 pp.

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