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Affiliated Courses

Courses taught at Iowa State University by faculty affiliated with the Studio and of particular interest to the new media community. (If you're a member of the Studio and teach a course that should be included here, log in and use 'add new item>link' to post a link to your course website.)

Computer Methods for Applied Linguistics

Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves by exploring software that is relevant to teachers, researchers, and administrators. Therefore, we will work with a wide variety of computer applications including web page design, word-processing, database, presentation, and spreadsheet applications.

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Multimedia Content Management

Strategies for developing and delivering multimodal content via digital media. Focus on the principles of database design, interface development, usability testing, and collaborative content management within technical communication settings.

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Multimedia Design in Professional Communication

Students learn to apply rhetorical principles to multimedia authoring; to learn production techniques for multimedia development, including traditional video, CD-ROM, streaming, DVD video, Flash interactivity and database-driven web multimedia.

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Special Topics in the History of Rhetorical Theory

Miscellaneous courses for doctoral students in the historical origins of contemporary new media practices.

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Technology in Business, Technical and Professional Communication

The course studies how new technologies help shape the rhetorical decisions of technical communicators in an increasingly electronic workplace.

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Technology, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication

This course offers a critical view of the technologies now shaping workplace communication and our society as a whole. Using rhetorical theories of technology, we will examine the historical roots of communication technology and explore a number of economic and ethical issues. Students will gain an understanding of how technology impacts technical communicators in an increasingly electronic workplace.

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Rhetorical Web Design

A course that teaches students to analyze specific audiences and rhetorical situations in the design of large-scale Web sites, and to apply the principles of information architecture to the creation of intuitive navigation systems and a seamless user experience.

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