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A description of what it means to be a member of the SNM, and how to join us.

This document will describe what it means to become a member of the Studio for New Media, and will describe the working groups affiliated with the Studio.

  • Nonmembers

    Nonmembers may read any materials made available from the public areas of this website (e.g., About, Community, News, Projects, Research and Tutorials). Access to private areas of the site and permission to publish using SNM servers is limited to members only.

  • Members

    Membership in the Studio is currently open to students, faculty and staff at Iowa State University who are working in new media theory or production. To establish membership, you'll need to schedule a half-hour meeting with our Director, who will show you the facilities, explain the membership policies, and set up your account for access to the website. Contact us to schedule a meeting to join.

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