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New Equipment

LASCAC funding supports new equipment to be installed in the next few weeks in the Studio.

In May, the ISU Liberal Arts and Sciences Computer Advisory Committee (LASCAC) announced a special call for proposals from units within the College that wished to apply for technological equipment to support students.

We put together a proposal asking for a specific list of items, totalling $16,564.31. Among the equipment requested was an additional Intel-based high-end Mac/Windows dual workstation, high-definition editing and projection systems, and increased hard disk storage for the Studio.

The LASCAC review committee evaluated our proposal among dozens of others, and approved us for 75% funding: $12,418.00. We have adjusted our plans, and are presently ordering new equipment for the Studio. Among these are an Hitachi PJTX100 UltraVision Projector (1280x720, 720p high-definition), a Key Digital iSync HD Processor/Scan Converter, a Nine-Way Component Video Distribution Amplifier, and a number of Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 400GB SATA II hard drives, and software and several other components.

These technologies will make it possible to do much more sophisticated video production, and will be available to all Studio members.

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