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New DVD Recorder

Last week the Studio received a new DVD-video recorder for the video station.

Last week the Studio received a new Sony DVD-video RDR-VX500 recorder and VHS/SVHS VCR for the video station. The new deck replaces the older Philips DVD video recorder.

Sony DVD Recorder

The new DVD recorder is connected to the miniDV/SVHS digital videocassette deck and to the Toshiba video monitor, and connected via FireWire (aka IEEE 1394) with all the computer stations in the Studio. It also accepts video input from all the computers in the Studio.

The Sony recorder accepts DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD+R dual-layer media. This is to say, it records onto every common format.

This means that Studio members now:

  • can play DVD videos on the television,
  • can copy miniDV cassettes directly to DVD-video (without needing to use the Mac or Windows computer software, unless they wish to)
  • can copy VHS cassettes to DVD-video
  • can record video from any of the computers in the room (or from the laptop station) directly to DVD
  • can print to DVD-video from any video-editing software on the computers

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