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English Department Website Launched

After a year of work, a team of Studio members last week launched the new ISU English Department website, which now employs a modern, database-driven content management system for organizing more then 2,200 HTML pages.

The new English Department website was built almost entirely by members of the Studio for New Media. Launched last week for the public, the site offers such features as an integrated search engine, a system for managing which people in the department are allowed to post/update pages in which sections of the site (which they can do directly from their web browsers), full XHTML standards compliance and WAI/Section 508 accessibility. It also offers breadcrumbs for navigation, cascading style sheets that will increase or decrease the size of text on the screen reliably for vision-impaired users, an automatically-generated directory of people in the department and an automatic sitemap (an outline view of the entire website).

Attentive Studio for New Media members will notice that the English Department website uses the same Plone open-source CMS as this website does, and seems closely modeled on the template for the Studio for New Media website. :) It was.

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