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New RAID Arrays for HD Capture/Editing

The Studio is now configuring new RAID arrays for the new Studio workstations.

In 2008, the Studio for New Media added state-of-the-art SATA RAID arrays, which were quite fast by the standards of the time. Using Blackmagic disk speed checking software, we can see that the old RAID arrays clock a consistent 140MB/second write speed, and 192.3MB/second read speeds. That allows for quite capable speeds for standard-definition video and for any form of audio recording and capture.

Old RAID Speeds

However, these speeds aren't really fast enough for real-time capture of high-definition video, in any of the common resolutions: 720p, 1080i, or 1080p. As we build the new workstations for the Studio, however (see the 27" iMac workstations in the photo below), we've needed higher-speed hard drives. So you can see the new RAID arrays to the left of the iMac below, which uses the new high-speed Thunderbolt SATA3 interface.

New iMacs

The Blackmagic disk speed analysis software is now running at 542MB/second for write speeds, and over 450MB/second for reads. This will now be fast enough to capture in real-time high-definition video at any standard quality level. We'll even now be able to begin editing projects recorded in the still-developing 4K format!

New RAID Speeds


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